Un peu de géographie : BYO - Globe Hopping

Petit tour d'horizon des régions productrices de houblon par l'excellent magazine américain BYO - Brew Your Own.

Le houblon français y est à l'honneur à travers le Strisselspalt... bientôt d'autres variétés françaises peut être ?

"Sometimes it seems as though hops will grow almost anywhere — and in all honesty, they probably will — but because of a combination of geography, climate, and the needs and wants of modern brewers a few specific regions around the world produce the overwhelming majority of the world’s hops. This isn’t an accident. Hops grow best under specific (and sometimes contradictory) conditions, and there are only a few places..."

La suite ici : http://byo.com/stories/issue/item/3549-globe-hopping